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  Read Total Film's Dirty Sanchez: The Movie review.. Jackass - KillerMovies.com :: Movies That Matter!  Team Sanchez vs.  Dirty Sanchez: The Movie,.  It’s hardly saying much, but the least objectionable member of Team Sanchez is probably Pancho,. Jackass.   Team Sanchez movie coming out on DVD soon  Release date: 09/11/2007 If any of you are fans of the jackass style stunt & prank show, Team Sanchez, you should check out their upcoming movie. Dirty Sanchez does go further than Jackass in terms of stunts, but that is not all. . Or a woman.  (2002) which is a sexual term so as such in America the show is called Team Sanchez!  Team Sanchez vs.  Team Sanchez | Full Episodes, Photos, Episode Synopsis and Recaps. The performers are Matthew Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Michael Locke.  MUSIC SHOWS NEWS MOVIES FULL EPISODES TV SCHEDULE MUSIC VIDEOS MOVIE TRAILERS BROWSE ARTISTS A-Z.   Dirty Sanchez (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  It is known as Sanchez Boys and Team Sanchez in the U.S.   Amazon.com: Team Sanchez: Matthew Pritchard, Dan Joyce, Mike Locke