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Kenneth Goodman
Johnanna Brownstein
Jonathan Isgar
Danny Lau
Tas Lehoczky
Blue Moroney

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  Catman in Lethal Track - Tars Tarkas.NET - Movie reviews and more. Its somehow about a preist that runs a cult, and this superhero "Catman.   Synopsis: After being scratched by a radioactive cat, Sam a top U.S. This time, the plot of the Asian film. Catman IN Lethal Track: Kenneth Woods - Jonathan James. Download Catman in Lethal Track. Starring: Kenneth Woods - Jonathan James - Bruce Fontaine.   Starring Jonathan Isgar as Catman Johnanna Brownstein as ??? Kenneth Goodman as ??? Danny Lau as ??? Tas Lehoczky as ??? Blue Moroney as ??? Directed by Godfrey Ho  Watch Catman in Lethal Track online - on 1Channel | LetMeWatchThis  Watch Catman in Lethal Track online - One half of the movie follows a guy named Sam and his friend Gus. Sam gets scratched by a radioactive cat in a fight with some wacky drug addicts and achieves amazing. .   U.S.        . Catman: Lethal Track (1988) End Scene - YouTube  Here is an amazingly bad movie by Godfrey Ho.   Catman in Lethal Track (1990) - The Smithee Awards  Nomination Year: 2007 SYNOPSIS: Yet another in the popular series of Asian martial arts films with Caucasians wedged into them.   Catman in Lethal Track (1990) - IMDb  One half of the movie follows a guy named Sam and his friend Gus. Agent develops super-human powers. Godfrey Ho. This is not your typical Ninja flick.   Catman in Lethal Track [Catman Scenes Only!] Part 1 - YouTube  This is part one of IFD's superhero masterpiece "Catman in Lethal Track" with all the (nowhere near as hilarious) Thai "sub-plot" movie removed (for those.  two Nikita-insipired female assassin Lethal Panther films in 1990 and 1993,