XD for all you anime fans out there and yes this is a pun pic I didn't make it just for fun shes from mirai nikki her name is yuno 

Yuno its hard to remember the people we use to be its ever harder to run from when your girl is hell o crazy she said its to late make it I said i should least try but all the time that I wasted all of the bridges burnt down you wasted your life I chasing after guys now you paralyzed me stuck on this rhyme but this is not love coz even a man needs a bit of time your on your cellphone trying to call home all of the times I've runned from you where has my time gone bitch this is so wrong all those of your plans were made for two if freedom over girlfriends did exist you wont be chasing me like this all those your crazy antics full of shit one more stupid misscall this is it now your on your cellphone