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Don't Suffer In Silence! Come and speak to us today.

The Office of the Ombudsman has the capacity to fully investigate alleged violations by Government Authorities. Not only is the Ombudsman imbued with the powers of a Supreme Court Justice to investigate violations and infringements of rights, but has the power to Subpoena and/or Summons any individual alleged to have committed improprieties, involved in corruption, tax-evasion, brutality, torture etc. Governmental and Non-Governmental Employees also have a right to approach the Office of the Ombudsman for wrongful termination. If it is established that the Labour Department Officer has not given the adequate priority and care to the issue, the Ombudsman can have the case escalated to the Commissioner's Office and attention. 

Your new Ombudsman is dedicated to serving you. Remember, "Don't suffer in silence! Come and speak to us today."