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Hey fellow Twitters, I am Jason Hawes from Scifi channels Ghost Hunters. Spread the word that my page is here.

What is that? Should I shoot it?

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2492 days ago

What is that? Should I shoot it?


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mimisiko 2298 days ago


GODprotect_gpgs 2322 days ago

u'r pretty (LOL)

brightreadings 2485 days ago

Let me guess...you saw an orb?

kristie7901 2492 days ago

haha!!! the dress suits you! :p

sillymilly2009 2492 days ago

Ahhhhha ha ha ha ha ha..... that is great. First you paint your toenails and now this. It just seems so unlike you Mr. Hawes!!!

Nutamu 2492 days ago

Them sure are purdy boots ya got there! lol

tesan 2492 days ago

LOL! Love the dress, but I don't think brown is your color! :)

scncparanormal 2492 days ago

lmao this is so funny, wheres the dress lol.

Sitkoh 2492 days ago

Hmmm.... "Does this dress make me look fat???"

philthomas1978 2492 days ago

Now THAT is paranormal. I'm more afraid of this than I would be of any ghost. LOL

Iliveonahill 2492 days ago

Ok Annie ...get your gun!! Hahaha...nice

greyeyes66 2492 days ago

Very funny,this realy made me LOL.

tarrando 2492 days ago

Wow you make such a pretty lady lol

Kandy_Jo 2492 days ago

you look HOT in a dress!! LOL!!!! The rawhide really makes your bald head POP!! ;)

weirdopoet 2492 days ago

A sex change, whatever next?

richie107 2492 days ago

Jason, doesn't Grant own a pair of boots like those? lol

LisaBunnie 2492 days ago

Jason Oakley! You sure are purdy!

AmyLizFoo 2492 days ago

Look Jay is Annie Oakley! Funny stuff.

ActiveColorado 2492 days ago

Hmmm, the dress? No big deal. If you were in Boulder, you'd fit right in! All they shoot there are Denver omelets!

tarleton4a 2492 days ago

i bet you have a lot of fun with your kids lol