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Shop With the 99% in Your Pocket


When I go to the store, I try to “shop my values.” I try to buy products I can recycle, organic fruits and vegetables, and of course, union-made products whenever I can.

But what about buying from a company that, say, didn’t pay any taxes last year? Or one that donates to candidates who have voted against working families? Or that takes government subsidies but wants to cut worker benefits? It’s pretty tough to find information like that, but it definitely matters to working families.

We’ve partnered with BizVizz, a free app for iPhone users that allows you to snap a picture of a brand’s logo or bar code and see a simple, graphic screen that tells you the truth about America’s largest corporations.


Folks who’ve already downloaded the app are saying it “puts more power in the consumer’s hand than ever to make informed choices about where your money is going and the economic responsibility of the companies who are getting it.”

We think that matters, too. You might buy “American,” “union made,” “organic,” “recycled” or “green” products. Wouldn’t it help to buy “99%” products?

Download the app now:


In Solidarity,

Nicole Aro
Director of Digital Strategies, AFL-CIO