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THAT is a big sword (rank 6 dwarfhold rep)

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2492 days ago

THAT is a big sword (rank 6 dwarfhold rep)


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_daniloalves 1989 days ago

Rank 7. I love this sword.

Dmcd6119 2481 days ago

bad sword bad sword ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn

Robo0000100 2483 days ago

cysero is cool ;)

kinzvlle 2484 days ago

cool sword but is hard seeing him without his hamer

berkaichu 2488 days ago

Do dwarves use THAT?! I think it's too big for a dwarf :)

kinzvlle 2490 days ago

a dwarve is supsed to hold that and not get smushed

Felix_AE 2490 days ago

now THAT is a sword!

michael822 2490 days ago

i dont rlly think its all tht cool.....i rlly dont like huge swords..but thts just me i also never cared for dwarves either =\

LegsisSvinx 2490 days ago

Yes it is a BIG sword but I wont be getting it (even though I`m Rank 9 atm) I just want a decent sized Axe lol

stevo10k 2490 days ago

man that sword is huge O.O

wounder how much DMG it can do ?

and it looks cool

GaleWarrior 2490 days ago

Yay! I Just Made It To Rank 6!
Cysero Rulez!

mturf 2490 days ago

absolutely massive. makes me wanna quit soldier and make a party with a lion and a vampire.... hmm... wonder why

fotical 2490 days ago

Will today's release get you higher rep, cause it seems like you will need A LOT just to get that D:

DatIbby 2490 days ago


Zaner459 2491 days ago

so we get the sword with rank 6 rep at dwarfhold?

HiImBeef 2491 days ago

Cysero, will you fall forwards if you do /point =P

Taybuscus 2491 days ago

Is it members' though Cy?

Serpente1337 2491 days ago

they should have put it for nonmembs but for Adventure Coins (ACs)

maximumrider01 2491 days ago

i cant wait for Friday for this!

201Doom201 2491 days ago

cmon guys imagine 8.500.000 players(not all but still some)having this sword....boy it would obliterate the game cos its too big and makes too much lag...i hope for a smaller one for non members...:)