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2686 days ago


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danny6114 2648 days ago

How much are those?

sketchanddoodle 2680 days ago

Now that's just plain lazy.

portapatti 2681 days ago

I love Trader Joes. You can get anything there.

taylor900 2685 days ago

rubbery cholesterol goodness in every bite

karixa 2686 days ago

Contributing to the heights of laziness. I shall have one bag please.

joughm 2686 days ago

Was this the small bag or the Cool Hand Luke size?

Spotted_H0rse 2686 days ago

Gourmegg Roll = Not as gourmet as the name would give you to expect

Spotted_H0rse 2686 days ago

In ye olde fast foode days, when salads were first sold, places often served x-sections of Gourmegg Roll: an elongated capsule of egg.

sarasakana 2686 days ago

ALLERGY WARNING: may contain eggs.

geeoharee 2686 days ago

The best part of this: 'Use within 7 days of opening' and 'No preservatives'.

maneek 2686 days ago

I just found a new use for that jar of baconaisse!

Rob_Vickers 2686 days ago

That is a bag of nasty.

jhhess 2686 days ago

Why ten not twelve?

TwitWalk 2686 days ago

"Let them eat eggshells." ~ Bernard Madoff Antoinette

Chris2Point0 2686 days ago

LMAO !!! You stole my comment!!!

Lhyzz 2686 days ago

Who keeps eggs in a cage? That's just ridiculous.

TwitWalk 2686 days ago

Must you rich people always flaunt your wealth so cruelly?

MissMAB 2686 days ago

Ah, but they're not caged, so it's OK then. Cause eggs they need to roam free.

lfytvelo 2686 days ago

yum! squeeze and you get hard boiled egg paste! add mayo and paprika for deviled egg paste to go!

colinmorris 2686 days ago

Total waste of nutritous and delicious egg shells.