"Beneath the Surface" 


Yesterday, I let my Light Side shine --
Today, I harness my Dark Side for the benefit of all.

Is there a meaning to this? Yes.

Not enough attention is being paid to the true cause of all the recent violent incidents -- it's not guns. It's the mind.

Just because I've won my battle with anger, doesn't mean I don't remember the place I clawed my way out of.

For every person who loses control, there are thousands upon thousands more who struggle every day to release their anger without becoming the latest news headline.

Without a better public mental health care system, I fear we'll see more and more people just losing it as time goes on.

It's time people wake up...
And for them to force their representatives to wake up.


This version fixes a mistake I made in the first one, but didn't notice because of the way one of my monitors is.