"Of Superconsciousness" 
#mysticism #art 
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Recently, I got back into school, taking classes here and there just for personal development.

The professor I have anthropology with turns out to be a VERY interesting individual. Though he doesn't really speak of it outright, it's quite obvious this guy is a mystic, and particularly a Hindu/Buddhist mix.

He showed the class a photo of a sculpture he did, that's beyond words as far as its description. I may seek to get permission to share that photo in the near future.

One thing that stood out on the sculpture, was an outer ring that looked like a DNA double helix, and four cell towers intersecting it -- something I was immediately drawn to, and saw as a powerful symbol of the developing superconsciousness (aided by technology) of our world.

This is my rendering and personal variation on that symbol, on its own.