ENOUGH IS ENOUGH #EU #ITALY #ITALIA The Italian government and the European Union are lining the pockets of criminals!!
Dogs of Italy are being made to suffer in concentration camps all across Italy! The Italian government (and the EU) is paying for these shelters, 'unaware' that most of them are being run by criminals! 

These criminals brutalize, neglect, beat, and starve these animals to death! They never get adopted! They don't want them to! The more animals they have, the more money in their pockets! 

The EU (European Union) participates with a certain amount per dog,  per day to run the dog camps in Italy so effectively that the Mafia is keeping  the tortured  poor souls alive with an absolute minimum of costs. Even water is considered an unnecessary fee and therefor the dogs gets none. 

The reproduction of the dogs is desired, their adoption is not.  

In Italy we have a law dated 14th August 1991 that states: “The stray dogs found, caught or protected in adequate structures cannot be oppressed.” And article 544 of the penal code states: “Whoever, for cruelty or without necessity, causes the death of an animal will be punished with imprisonment from three to eighteen months.”

What surprised me was the Italian magazine L’Espresso (01.10.2009 n.39) that produced a very moving report on the slaughter of dolphins by Japanese fishermen, eight pages with photos - they could see the horror of Taiji but not the terror that takes place daily in our country.

Dogs and cats are nothing. Five millions families own dogs but nobody reacts, only animal lovers.

Gandhi said: tell me how you treat your animals and I will tell you to what sort of nation you belong.