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New calls and actions for the coming days Pl. Catalonia



Under the slogan "Against the CORRUPTION and impunidad GobiernoDimision #" proposed actions are programmed different calls from Plaza Catalonia.

Son calls to protest corruption in both the PP and CiU.

- at 20pm on Sunday, cassolades "against corruption and impunity." At 20h30, Assembly.

- Monday from 20h, concentration Pl. Santiago Tuesday morning to receive the Council of Government.

- every day at 20pm cassolades from home and permanently # CuelgaTuSabana the balcony (blank or with a message.)

Then find out more about what is happening in Plaza Catalonia.


For more information:

It is difficult to collect on this website all that is happening.

We recommend the following social networks AcampadaBC N for last minute information, both on Facebook ( acampadabcn ) and Twitter ( @ AcampadaBC N).

It is required to be updated to give you a look at blog escracheBCN . publishing There are minutes of meetings these days in Plaza Catalonia. You can also follow his Twitter profile, @ escracheBCN .

What is escracheBCN? 's blog indicate their purpose, "noting, denounced show, embarrassed. This is # escracheBCN. They ended the good life! "


About what is happening in Plaza Catalonia:

Camping, employment or whatever name is not a goal but a tool to get together, organize ourselves and move against corrupt parties (both the PP and CiU) .

Return to the Place of Last Thursday 31 (# not pay after that day) was not planned and came spontaneously. It is for this reason that the actions and calls will be decided at meetings daily in the Plaza.

The Plaza has created several working groups: Corruption, Scratching, Board of Governors (the action of Monday) and Human Chain (surrounded by the action of the Government).

Call Sunday:

20h cassolades "against corruption and impunity." 
20h30, Assembly.


Call Monday:

20h at Sant Jaume Square overnight to make and receive on Tuesday morning the Council of Government.


# CuelgaTuSabana and cassolades daily at 20pm:

# CuelgaTuSabana is an initiative proposed by the Assembly of Catalonia Square: a sheet hanging on the balcony to protest against corruption and impunity of the political class . Are invited to write a message on the sheet.

This action is accompanied by the proposal cassolades daily at 20pm from home .

You can broadcast your messages via a mailbox and to the significance of this initiative.


It is not impossible to change the situation around us. 
difficult but it will depend on the background of us: citizens. 
depends on each of us depends on our commitment and struggle.