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The Christian Left
March 1st will be our third anniversary of the beginning of this page, blog and website. We started this effort because we were fed up with right wing extremists speaking for Christians and dominating the national conversation. The Republican party has co-opted Christianity in the United States lock, stock and barrel. They use the red herring issues of abortion and gay marriage to hoodwink Christians into believing that God requires them to vote Republican. Meanwhile, they become more and more extreme. It’s embarrassing. They throw the poor, the sick, and the defenseless under the bus every chance they get. They prop up warmongers, plutocrats and moguls. Their agenda is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught, and yet 79% of Christians vote Republican. What a sad state of affairs. TCL doesn’t have an office, an advertising agency, or even a staff. We are a small group of Christians who are trying to speak out about the fiasco happening in American Christianity. We’d like to do big things but it’s a tough road. The media ignores us altogether. So we plug along any way we can. If you’d like to see the movement continue to grow, consider supporting our effort. Buy one of our “Love Thy Neighbor” t-shirts, or just make a donation of any amount you can afford. We’ll post the links below. We’ve committed to doing this for the remainder of our lives. We volunteer the majority of our time 7 days a week. It takes committed donors to get any movement off the ground. Consider doing what you can. Thanks.

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