#HappyBDay @Harry_Styles
Besides being birthday of my love this month, this month I also celebrate a year of Directioner!
It all started when watching the clip One Thing, this  “Cause you’ve got that one thing” charmed me too. Every day came home from school, put on MTV just to see the clip and see you! 
I found so beautiful and talented I was researching banda ONE DIRECTION, that bizarre, this band took me to a single direction. We humans cannt explain love, and this case is no different. I Love boys, but you're my favorite, and is because my tumblr is called “Your Smile Is My Smile Harry” because besides being true, has a great story behind it!
But I'm here just to wish you “Happy Birthday” but to thank you for everything you did for me without intention.
Harry a boy who put a label of "the catcher" being the boy that he is more sensitive, more gentle, more loving, cutest, most cupcake I've ever seen in my life!
Today a special date, 19 year olds doing this eternal drinking, and those 19 years is paying off, do not cry for anything, God loves you, their parents, their fans and especially me!
What you realize your dreams today, more than is already doing and want you to know that when we do birthday, the sky in this party. Really wanted to be on their side today, to hold you and kiss you fill, but I can not. But one day maybe!
Harry Edward Styles, I Gabriela de Jesus Souza Pereira Wish Happy Birthday. You will be happy and smiling all independent, always smile, because your smile is my smile.
(I am a brazilian girl, and i dont speak english, sorry for anything)
I love you. Kisses ;*