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Stephen McNally
Rosalind Ivan
Jan Sterling
Lew Ayres
Charles Bickford
Agnes Moorehead
Jane Wyman

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Actors: Jane Wyman: Belinda McDonald · Lew Ayres: Dr.   Johnny Belinda (TV 1982) - IMDb  Director: Anthony Page. Robert Richardson · Charles Bickford: Black MacDonald · Agnes Moorehead: Aggie. Actors: Richard Thomas: William Richmond · Dennis Quaid: Kyle Hager · Candy Clark: Julie Sayles · Roberts Blossom: John McAdam · Fran Ryan.   Johnny Belinda (1948) - Online Shopping for.   Jane Wyman won a Best Actress Oscar for her strong performance in this touching drama of a deaf-mute girl (Wyman) and a doctor (Lew Ayres) who works closely with her. After the young lady is brutally raped by a local villager, the bucolic populace suspect the.   Johnny Belinda (1948) - IMDb  Director: Jean Negulesco.   Johnny Belinda (1948 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Johnny Belinda is a 1948 American drama film based on the play of the same name by Elmer Blaney Harris.         .  Johnny Belinda (1948) - TCM Turner Classic Movies  Overview of Johnny Belinda, 1948, directed by Jean Negulesco, with Jane Wyman, Lew Ayres, Charles Bickford, at Turner Classic Movies  Johnny Belinda | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  A patient, compassionate doctor teaches a deaf-mute girl to communicate.  Johnny Belinda - YouTube  After years of dumb-blonde and best-friend roles, Jane Wyman proved her skills as a dramatic actress -- and won an Academy Award in the bargain -- in Johnny Belinda.   Johnny Belinda | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  A made-for-TV remake of the 1948 classic about a young man who develops a relationship with a deaf-mute girl. The movie was adapted to the screen by Allen Vincent and Irma