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 Cosmo Warrior Zero: Collected Edition - Online. Captain Zero, commanding a spaceship crew of human and aliens, is.   This 2001 series represents the latest installment in Leiji Matsumoto's long-running and popular saga of Captain Phantom F. Cosmowarrior Zero: La Jeunesse d'Albator (French) Zero, el Guerrero Cósmico (Spanish).  Cosmo Warrior Zero: Collected Edition DVD Movie  Cosmo Warrior Zero: Collected Edition DVD movie video $34.69 at CD Universe, This series from Leiji Matsumoto QUEEN EMERALDAS, HARLOCK SAGA is set in a universe familiar.   This collection includes the thirteen regular episodes, the two special episodes, and the extra "Martina’s Special" episode. Stream episodes and clips of CosmoWarrior Zero instantly.   Cosmowarrior Zero (TV) - Anime News Network  Cosmo Warrior Zero.   Media Type: DVD: Language: Japanese : Number of Discs: 1: Subtitles: English, Chinese: Episodes: Movie: Regions Coding: 0, ALL, NTSC: Running Time--Genre: Release Date  Watch CosmoWarrior Zero online | Free | Hulu  Watch CosmoWarrior Zero free online. 1. With Mari Devon, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Aya Hisakawa, Eiji Takemoto.   Cosmo Warrior Zero - The Movie - - Your Source to.   Cosmo Warrior Zero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Cosmo Warrior Zero (コスモウォーリアー零, Kosumo Wōriā Zero ?) is a science fiction OVA series.  The Movie Collection reveals the best, the worst,. Cosmo Warrior Zero - Cold Steel Immortal (Vol. Harlock of the Deathshadow . The battle between Warrius Zero and. The new