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Francine Pascal

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Mademoiselle Jessica. Just like sisters...Elizabeth Wakefield is shocked and upset when she hears that her best friend, Amy Sutton'...  Amy Moves In.         .  Amy's Pen Pal (Sweet Valley Twins, #35). There are 50 books in total.  Amy Moves In 45.  Jessica is instantly smitten with the redhead when he moves to Sweet Valley,. Lucy takes the Reins.  Follow “A Critical Analysis of Sweet Valley's Most Famous Twins. Here is a complete list of all the Sweet Valley Twins books..  Sweet Valley Twins series - Share Book Recommendations With Your.   theHiddenBookcase .  The Sweet Valley Twins series. com - Sweet Valley Twins - Books  Sweet Valley Twins Book List.  Amy Moves In Amy's house burns down and she moves in with the Wakefields;  Sweet Valley Twins Books - Online Shopping for. Lucy Takes the Reins  Sweet Valley High - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Amy returns in the Sweet Valley High books as. 46.   A list of products including, Amy Moves In (Sweet Valley Twins), Mandy Miller Fights Back (Sweet Valley Twins), Robbery at the Mall (Sweet Valley Twins), Teacher's.  Sweet Valley Twins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Sweet Valley Twins (also known as Sweet Valley Twins and Friends)