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Seong-bin Park
Won-hie Lim
Jae-yeong Jeong
Jung-shik Bae
Ju-bong Gi
Seung-beom Ryu
Seung-wan Ryoo

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  New List Crowns 'Die Hard' King of the "Feel-Bad Holiday Films. Grieco's brief and decidedly non-illustrious career has involved playing cops and. the theme song was that was pretty funny yo. as always.   Bad Movie Beatdown - Die Another Day  new flim brain awesome!!! this movie wasnt that bad. Al Powell · Paul Gleason. Web platform has gotten. Actors: Bruce Willis: Officer John McClane · Bonnie Bedelia: Holly Gennaro McClane · Reginald VelJohnson: Sgt.   Die Bad (2000) - IMDb  Director: Seung-wan Ryoo.   Die! Die! Die! Review - Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension  I picked this movie up for two reasons: the title and the name Richard Grieco.   Die Hard (1988) - IMDb  Director: John McTiernan. It was the debut film of director Ryu Seung-wan and starred the director and his brother Ryu.   With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it seems like the perfect time for holiday movie lists to start turning up on movie blogs.  List of films considered the worst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Roger Ebert gave the film a rare zero stars and said that "It is not simply a bad movie, but also a stupid and incompetent one."  'Bad Santa,' 'Die Hard' Featured in Tugg's Top 8 Feel-Bad Holiday. Actors: Seong-bin Park · Seung-beom Ryu · Jung-shik Bae · Ju-bong Gi · Jae-yeong Jeong · Won-hie Lim · Seung-wan Ryoo  Die Bad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Die Bad (rr: Jukgeona hokeun nabbeugeona) is a 2000 South Korean film