Horror Shelter in Hreša #Bosnia #Herzegovina , country's of barbarians like Ibrahim Hadžibajrić the devil of #Sarajevo
THE HORROR CONTINUES... PLEASE READ AND SHARE!! As most of you know Hreša 'shelter' is open again and has been for some time now.
On Monday night activists went there to find 20 dogs in cages without heat (temperatures are well below freezing), with nothing to eat but scraps of old frozen bread. Any water available was frozen. Activists were not allowed to provide food. However, they managed to rescue some of the dogs, including one mother dog and five of her puppies. Four of her puppies were frozen to death. She had given birth on frozen concrete.


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Demand Investigation into Horror Shelter in Hresa, Bosnia
Protect the stray dogs instead of killing them
Stop the slaughter of stray dogs in Sarajevo, Bosnia

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