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Jean Maurel
Danielle Durand
Paul Allio
René Fontanarava
Andréa Ferréol
Gilberte Rivet
Raf Vallone
Marie Cecora

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 and his is simply to return to his wife.   Passage to Marseille - Movie Trailer - YouTube   Mutrac (Humphrey Bogart), a French journalist and activist who opposed the Munich pact and was framed for.  Passage to Marseille (1944) - Overview -  FOR Passage to Marseille.  This is still a superb movie,Bogie as a Frenchman or not.He conveyed his character's traits quite as well as his Rick Blaine.The other. This title has not been reviewed.  velo stations lock at midnight so if you don't return your bicycle before then.   Marseille - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Marseille is also divided in 25 cantons, each of them returning a member of the General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône département.  Passage to Marseille is not nearly in Casablanca's league,.   Return to Marseilles (1980) - IMDb  Director: René Allio.  movie projections, exhibits. Population. Be the FIRST to write a review by CLICKING HERE >  Marseille travel guide - Wikitravel  Open source travel guide to Marseille,.        .   Passage to Marseille ( 1944 ) - goatdog's movies  Man with a Movie Camera; Worst Rental/Revival: Chloe; Site Tools.. Actors: Raf Vallone: Michel - un émigré de retour à Marseille · Andréa Ferréol: Cécé · Jean Maurel: Charles - un ancien militant.   The Story of the Count of Monte Cristo (1962) - Overview -  LEONARD MALTIN MOVIE RATING