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:) The Crotch Grab: Too Old, Too Young, Too Female?
Of the many trademark dance moves that the late megastar Michael Jackson showcased to the world - the Moonwalk, the Toe Stand, the Anti-Gravity Lean - the Crotch Grab has got to be the most frequently copied by popstars everywhere. The reason? It could be that M.J. was (and still is) the biggest music icon in the world and stars will always be trying to achieve status of his calibre, it could be that it is one of the easiest of his seminal moves to learn, or it could be that it has always been controversial, critically regarded as infamous and overtly sexual, and notoriety, as celebrities know, is a sure fire way to hit headlines.

Society has reached a stage where such trifles are rarely considered shocking anymore, so why do we still find ourselves recoiling at the sight of another star copying the famous move?

However, it was STILL majorly vom inducing to see and we have to come to the conclusion that maybe Michael Jackson really is the only person who could get away with doing that move. Sure, it was shocking when he unveiled the routine in the '80s, but it was never embarrassing. We just have one piece of advice for anyone wanting to copy that move: don't.