as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

just whipped up this sword to go along with a set :D

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1452 days ago

just whipped up this sword to go along with a set :D


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Bloodsiphon 1450 days ago

It dorsnt even remotely look like that sword from that crappy movie......

VFhone 1451 days ago

This and Metalstar Broadsword an epic match..for a Dual Swords... Star Burst Stream! :3

DevilmaycryAQW 1451 days ago

Gonna get it if its for ac's or gold

Quintenii_AE 1451 days ago

Oh man.. The details.. Lovin' it! :D

Artist_4_Hire 1451 days ago

I hate to be "That Guy" but this looks alot like the Sword Gandolf found, in The Hobbit

Bloodsiphon 1451 days ago

Cant agree more with ya

qutenoob 1451 days ago

DARK CASTER SWORD OFCOURSE just look at it same colours as dark caster

GimliAE 1451 days ago

If the blue part was CC this would be the best sword ever to be made, without CC its still an amazing sword.

Zinrio666 1451 days ago


GimliAE 1451 days ago

Thats beautiful.

Bloodsiphon 1451 days ago

I love the flamberge shape u used in this flash really awesome

FourBeardStrong 1452 days ago

This is so amazing dude!
I love the more realistic looking swords, and you definitely deliver!

Dsx419 1452 days ago

probably the most practical, yet appealing sword in AQW

AbzyAQW 1452 days ago


Faith_AE 1452 days ago

To go along with the sword uve been swaggin out all day!!!!

Veneeria_AQW 1452 days ago

Feels so smooth and elegant at the same time :D The shading is still awesome o.o
I see what u did there with the "gradients" :P

Intan0206 1452 days ago

The Master Sword!!?!?!

GompaAE 1452 days ago

A Dark Calibur? Cool.