Matthew Hasselbeck


It's called Twittah where I'm from.

104 degrees

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2496 days ago

104 degrees


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filmadams 2491 days ago

Actually, I think Matthew WAS driving when snapping this picture, driving a cool 0 MPH. Way to let it hang out, Matthew! I think that's what is called "dropping the hammer."

gypsy_rob 2491 days ago

wow matt on my car on wensday it showed 112

PubChick 2495 days ago

I love the idiots that say BIG DEAL.. If you DON'T KNOW Western Washington NEVER gets this sort of heat.. right now it's 110 at my house. So this is awful for us!! And for the jerks who say 'it's 115 in Phoenix' - WELL WE DON'T LIVE IN PHOENIX for just th

brewers_rule 2495 days ago

Big deal, Matt, we've had nearly 2 weeks straight of that before we actually got rain this week ;)

BruisedJinx 2495 days ago

so hot everywhere... I blame the liberals for inventing global warming.

VaginusMaxximus 2495 days ago

About 92 when I went out for the most miserable 4 mile run of my life...

12hawkfan 2495 days ago

okay you gave yourself must be at your house here in Wenatchee...I don't think it was this hot in seattle!!

patrickabay 2496 days ago

man its way too hot in washington cant wait for this season matt

rstewart219 2496 days ago

shit try 115 here in phoenix

livespector 2496 days ago

Glad to see you weren't driving when snapping this pic. We need you healthy next month!! 90+ in Spokane!

LennyDeLeon 2496 days ago

man nice and hot outside!

liljere24 2496 days ago