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Press Release by "Ärzte für Tiere" regarding the meeting with members of the EU-commission on 24th of January, 2013

On 24 January 2013, a meeting of ten animal welfare organizations and the EU Commission took place wherein the organizations presented their experiences of cruelty and abuse against animals in Southern and Southeastern Europe. Our group took part in this meeting representing our country.

For the first time in animal welfare as well as in human psychology, we posed the subject of an international academic study which has begun, linking exposure to animal abuse in public domain and its effect on child development. Discussions about the brutalization towards stray and shelter animals took place as well as the projection of pictures and charts.

Humane efficient methods and successful projects of stray animal population control like T/N/R were also discussed. Further points of discussion were the endemic corruption and the stray animal business on local and national level in many EU member states.

In conclusion the important topic of Identification and Registration was highlighted as the key element to enable and develop Responsible Ownership. These points will be further discussed in the near future exploring possible political measures and studies.

Mrs. Joanna Darmanin, the head of Cabinet of EU Commissioner Tonio Borg / DG SANCO, and Dr. Harry Vassallo, member of Cabinet, hosted the meeting. Also present were heads of Unit Animal Welfare in DG SANCO Dr. Andrea Gavinelli and Dr. Paolo Dalla Villa. A lively discussion took place, however the representatives of the EU Commission pointed out clearly their limited legal competence given by the Treaty of Lisbon. They pointed out that they have to respect the Member States' legal status within the EU system.

We will keep you informed about the ongoing dialogue with the EU Commission, and in parallel, we are starting to develop strategic, as well as concrete, activities with Members of the European Parliament. We must not forget that they are elected representatives of us, as European citizens.

Finally the problem of the cruelty towards our animals in the respective countries are now most present to the EU Institutions and we will continue the political pressure of our respective group as well as of our newly formed EU action group."

January 27, 2013 

A brief history of the most important facts of the last months, is compiled in the following link: