#animalrights #stopanimalabuse Our bones & joints ache as we trot hard roads all day. Breathing choking, poisonous exhaust fumes. Not harming us, they say.

City traffic sounds frighten us, Yet day to day & against our will, We pull people around on command; Until they change the bill.

Our owners rest in the cool shade, While for you, we stand & wait. We're standing in full sun; As we overheat and nearly faint..

We're have no choice but to defecate, between cars, bikes & buses. We're prodded to keep moving because of the embarrassment it causes.

We're made to do this, It’s within the law.
We've no green pastures to rest in, And the closest grass we see is straw.

See the tiredness in our eyes, Our souls a dark cave.
There is no choice for us but work like this because,
We're nothing but a slave.
Jenny V Eady 

via @occupyforanimal