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 Megaloman (1979) TV series : Genre: Action + Family.   Megaloman the movie - Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining  Between the years 1985-1990 there was a children's movie from Japan is quite famous in those days. Myspace. Sign up Login. His name Megaloman, this movie was before Google Five, Gaban and. Actors: Yuuki Kitazume: Captain Dagger · Madoka Sugi: Ran Takamine · Pepe Hozumi: Hyôsuke Yuri · Kôji Hashimichi: Ippei Mashira.  Megaloman: Height: 150 meters Mass: 8,800 tons : Powers/Weapons.  MEGALOMAN Video by ANIME SANTIAGO - Myspace Video  MEGALOMAN by ANIME SANTIAGO.  Megaloman Torrent Download - Torrent Search Engine  Megaloman 15 torrent download locations Download Direct Megaloman tv shows Sponsored Link Megaloman S1e01 31 Serie Completa SATRip DivX Ita Mp3 TNTVil movies  Megaloman - Toho Kingdom  Movie List Monster Bios Aliens & SDF Staff of Toho Actors DVDs Blu-rays Soundtracks.         . Myspace. Watch it on Myspace Videos.  Browse videos from the previous page, including the homepage feed, channel videos and search results.   LIVE ACTION MOVIES BASED ON COMICS CHARACTERS OR JUST SUPERHEROES MOVIES: home updates search guestbook helps.  Movies & Trailers; User Videos; MEGALOMAN.  Megaloman (1979): synopsis, casts, poster and pictures at