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They're bringing sexy back! The Cupids of Valentines day, Cupidtheus and Big Daddy!

#OVERSOUL @Nulgath

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946 days ago

They're bringing sexy back! The Cupids of Valentines day, Cupidtheus and Big Daddy!



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OversoulAtlas 921 days ago

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VonLaker 930 days ago

will this characters be released tomorrow ? its already valentines..

Spartan_94 942 days ago

AH!!! DX I am so confused if I should get Big Daddy... he's got tommy guns... but he's so weird!! DX

Draeceroth 946 days ago

LOL theres a Revontheus for all Holidays XD that is so cool

OptimusSuperior 946 days ago

You should have made a bunny suit version of yourself XD

Paul_Apollo 946 days ago

I wanna take Big Daddy's shotguns! btw Why not put your Love Weaver in Oversoul?

OversoulTuts 946 days ago

FLAB-FLAB-FLAP-FLAP-FLAP-FAP-FAP O_O I wonder if thats how the guns sound when fired. e.O

luis_xx8921 946 days ago


Cowctus 946 days ago

No the Anti-Valentines character <_<

Veneeria_AQW 946 days ago

This is it, no more cloning for you.

Shish_AE 946 days ago

(contd) the neck connects with the back.

Shish_AE 946 days ago

Dear god, these are too awesome for words. I think Daddy's head should be farther back so (contd)

Top_AE 946 days ago

LOL, nice! What's wrong with that guy's chin?! I prefer him without it.....still, nice work! I can't wait to use Cupidtheus for my birthday! (Yes, it's the 14th of Feb :D)

ZorkKnight 946 days ago


JDPManjoume 946 days ago

Judging by the Runes,Big Daddy is gonna be Common and Cupidtheus is gonna be Hard To Find

KovuDesign 946 days ago

I think a tad bit more clothes would make me feel less creeped out lol

Quintenii_AE 946 days ago

I get why this game is mature now.