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  Volume 2 of The X-Files Mythology collection is the second DVD release containing selected episodes from the third to the fifth seasons of the American science. X-Files Mythology - Vol.  Film Country: USA; UPC: 024543190714; Additional Details:        . 2 - Black Oil: David.   The X-Files Mythology, Volume 2 – Black Oil - Wikipedia, the. 2: The Black Oil - Special effects: Black Oil In The Eyes.   X-Files Mythology - Vol. 2: The Black Oil (DVD, 2009) in category: DVDs & Movies > DVDs & Blu-ray Discs;.   X-Files creator Chris Carter compiled this thematic DVD collection of episodes from the show's third through fifth seasons, all of which deal with a strain of alien.   Black Oil , the second volume in the X-Files Mythology series, covers one of The X-Files ' weirder concepts: the alien being that travels from host to host.   #Movies. 2 - Black Oil ~ David Duchovny DVD 3.9 out of 5 stars . X-Files: Mythology, Volume Three - Colonization ~ David Duchovny DVD  X Files Mythology Black Oil DVD 2005 4 Disc Set | eBay  Listed as X-Files Mythology - Vol.   X-Files Mythology - Vol. This selection of episodes of Fox's popular science fiction drama spans the entirety of its nine seasons. 2: The Black Oil - Special effects: Black