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Gogó Rojo
Geneviève Robert
Josyane Gibert
Danielle Godet
Rosa Palomar
Dennis Price
Jean-Louis Collins
Andrés Resino

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 Almost all of the featured actors including Andres Resnio and Genevieve Robert as the lovers are solid through this film,.  Jess Franco would abandon the lofty penal social commentary of this film and fire his sleaze missile into. Duration: 01:17:10 + 00:31:38.   Devil's Island Lovers Showtimes & Tickets - Yahoo! Movies  Devil's Island LoversUnrated. Share this movie to everybody, Thank you so much ! Tweet  Devil's Island Lovers Review (1974) - The Spinning Image  Devil's Island Lovers (1974) review.   Year: 1974. Directed by: Jess Franco.         . Starring: Andrés Resino, Geneviève Robert, Dennis Price, Rosa Palomar, Josyanne Gibert, Danielle Godet.   Lovers of Devil's Island (1974)  A lawyer finds out that a young couple convicted of murder was in fact framed for the crime and goes to the prison with the hope of freeing them and learns the events.   Lovers of Devil’s Island (1974) Quartier de femmes | Cat 3 Movie.   Lovers of Devil's Island (1974) - IMDb  Director: Jesús Franco. Spanish sexploitation maestro Jess Franco (THE WICKED WARDEN, BARBED WIRE DOLLS) practically cornered the market on "women in prison.   Lovers of Devil’s Island (1974) Quartier de femmes on server Downshare.   Lovers of Devil's Island 1974 | Download for free | Women in