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 WWII Half Track; Arctic Vehicles; Weird Weapons; Navy Hydrofoils; Combat Controllers; Gunnery Sergeant More.  complete Mail Call episode list..  Combat Controllers; Gunnery Sergeant: 9/14/2003: Claymore Mines; 1st U.S.   A complete episode guide for Mail Call with info on where and when to.   Mail Call Episode Guide 2005 - Ermey's Vietnam |  Mail Call 2005 Episode Guide:.   History Channel primetime evening listings .  History Channel primetime October 2003  10-10:30pm -- Mail Call - WWII Half Track/Arctic Vehicles/Weird Weapons/Navy Hydrofoils/Combat Controllers. Mail Call: Episode #44: Longbows to WWII Flight Jackets  Mail Call Episodes - Mail Call Full Episode Guides on History.  WWII Half Track;.   Mail Call Episodes - Watch Clips of. Nuclear Submarine;.  Watch the first combat helicopter, the U.S.  44. Nuclear Submarine;. Mail Call: Season 1, Episode 7 "Mail Call": Amazon.   Mail Call - Episode Guide | LocateTV - Find TV Shows, Movies