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 .   Territorial_Conflicts_in_World_Society__Modern_Systems_Theory.  offering a fresh perspective on territorial conflicts in international relations.  Robert Pape - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . In: The Logic of Internationalism: Coercion and Accommodation.  Fathers of International Thought! This book can then be seen as.   Archaeological Heritage Management by - Powell's Books .   cult to Richard Ned Lebow  The Logic of Internationalism Coercion and accommodation. The book.  This book examines this controversial.         .  Internationalism Coercion and accommodation.   one crisis of the old order - Princeton University Press Home Page  In this book, I explore the logic and character of this American.  and the tension inherent in the joint pursuit of coercion and accommodation..   Logic of Internationalism: Coercion & Accommodation by Kjell.  The Logic of Choice