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Diane Clare
Aliza Gur
Sylvia Marriott
William Sylvester
Angela Lovell
Avril Sadler
Edward Underdown
Terence de Marney
William Dexter

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He is a British architect who is flying to Morocco to escape from the agony he has experienced back.   Icebox Movies: In the Heat of the Night (1967): The Hands of. Meet Paul Carver. Actors: William Sylvester: Paul Carver · Diane Clare: Chantal · Aliza Gur: Marisa · Edward Underdown: Gunther · Terence de Marney: Omar.         . It is also known by the.   The Hand of Night - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The Hand of Night is a 1966 British horror film directed by Frederic Goode and starring William Sylvester, Diane Clare and Aliza Gur.   The Hand (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The Hand is a 1981 psychological horror film written and directed by.   BLACK HOLE REVIEWS: Still not on DVD - THE HAND OF NIGHT (1966.   (1968-England) COLOR.   Amazon.com: Beast of Morocco (The Hand Of Night) (1968 - England.   The Hand of Night (original title) - Beast of Morocco (1968) - IMDb  Director: Frederic Goode. Young John (Billy Chapin) joins mother Willa. A new factory had been built.  "Friday Night Lights" The Right Hand of the Father (TV episode. With WILLIAM SYLVESTER.   Everything was going so well in Sparta, Mississippi. Business was booming, and new jobs were being created