The New Three Rings: 
#Idhrenion, #Imladris, & #Jihiwa 
(Tengwar captions) 
[@matoakit @Kit_Icarus @QuillandInk63] 


Idhrenion, the Blue Ring (left): Sapphire. The stone has been compared to a deep blue pool of Water. The name is Quenya for "Wisdom."

Imladris, the Green Ring (center): Emerald. The stone has been compared to the color of the Sea. The name is Sindarin for Rivendell, the peaceful valley of the Elves.

Jihiwa, the Red Ring (right): Ruby. The stone shows intriguing shapes while scrying. The prototype of the Three, it has a non-Elvish* name; the Japanese means, rougly, "Ring of Compassionate Fire."

*: Here, I rendered the name (using rōmaji and English mode) into Tengwar anyway, producing a "compromise" inscription to get along better with its peers.