as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

jade samurai :D

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1198 days ago

jade samurai :D


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Zinrio666 1197 days ago

This totally looks great.

Megas_Light 1198 days ago


FallFire 1198 days ago


DeanDervisevic 1198 days ago

improved* xD

DeanDervisevic 1198 days ago

Wow you improves SO much in the detailing, keep it up. :)

DraganarHero 1198 days ago

this is tuely daimyo gear :3

Quintenii_AE 1198 days ago

woah nice! :D Especially the shoulder and arm!

Dage_The_Great 1198 days ago

to bad its for new 1 year promo item..........

Dage_The_Great 1198 days ago

you should make alt. version with no shoulder pads ...and put it into chinese new years merge shop

Sothe_AE 1198 days ago

year of thy snake

ReddyTheCat 1198 days ago

What's this for? It better not be for chinese new year....

Tendounomazo_AK 1198 days ago

Awesome armor for Akiba new year event.

AracnidAQW 1198 days ago

Time to change your name to Dage The Good cause your good armors are way better than evil armors.

luis_xx8921 1198 days ago


AiasAE 1198 days ago


Vergil_Aqw 1198 days ago

Overall looks amazing chestplate maybe needed more paneling though

CaptainCio 1198 days ago

Banzaiiiiii, that's Epic! Cant wait to see the female one !

GompaAE 1198 days ago

Jaden the Jade Samurai. He is a very jaded person.

EL0903 1198 days ago

Looks pretty good IMO.
I really like the snake effect around the waist as well.