Chris offers his Lamborghini Rihanna

Chris really loves Rihanna, because he WOULD have given her his Lamboghini U $ 750,000 as a symbol of their love.

They were madly in love last month to jodo Lakers vs Knicks. And now, the 'New York Daily News reports that Rihanna Breezy offered to their incredible Lamborghini, worth nearly one million dollars!

The blog 'New York Daily News Confidential' has spoken with sources who told them that Chris "moved into" the $ 12 million mansion in Pacific Palisades with his lover Rihanna bought just before Christmas. If you add to that the dates were in Los Angeles at the Lakers game, posts on Twitter that showed them wrapped in the same bed, and the way they were constantly teasing each other about the media, things seem to be getting very hot and heavy between the two