The founder of Marc Ecko Complex Magazine and Rihanna attended a ball hitting, fast game.

COMPLEX: How long can you live alone and handle before it becomes uncomfortable?
RIH: I live alone. This has been the case. I enjoy the company (the other), but I like to occasionally take a break.

COMPLEX: What identity do you want to steal?
RIH: That's easy: Adriana Lima. Her body is a madness, she had a son six weeks after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and she manages to be hotter than me.

Complex: What was the worst insect infestation you ever experienced?
HI: There are bees that fill me with the bag in the pool. They come bathe, pepper, swim. When they are just on edge, bounce, dry and leave. I try to drown them, because I'm scared of bees, but they do not die!