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  The Associate Movie (Development)  The Associate is in development starring . Actors: Whoopi Goldberg: Laurel Ayres · Dianne Wiest: Sally Dugan · Eli Wallach.   The Associate (2012) starring Shia LaBeouf.   Whoopi Goldberg (SISTER ACT I & II, EDDIE) handles business her own way in this outrageous comedy hit! Whoopi plays a fast-track executive who starts her own company. LaBeouf will play a student who. Laurel ( Whoopi Goldberg ) is an.   The Associate (1996) - IMDb  Director: Donald Petrie. The film is a big screen version of John Grisham's upcoming legal thriller The Associate. The legal thriller follows Kyle McAvoy, a young law graduate from Yale who should have the world at his feet - but instead. She's fed up with following the rules to get ahead, and when she's.   The Associate | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  Laurel Ayres is a bright financial analyst with more brains than most of her male colleagues.         . The Associate: Whoopi Goldberg, Dianne Wiest, Eli.   The Associate Synopsis - Plot Summary -  In this comedy, a woman discovers that it's impossible to get ahead in business without a man to guide her -- so she invents one.   The Associate (1996) - Full cast and crew  Director: Donald Petrie. Produced by Robert W.   The Associate (2010) | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets