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Jennifer has that kick going on! What do you think? -Shani

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2496 days ago

Jennifer has that kick going on! What do you think? -Shani


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celebritytwins2 2404 days ago

wow yoga really works! lol this is crazy lol

musikmonster93 2465 days ago

haha fan-tast-io! if thats a word!!

myluckynumber6 2476 days ago


sugarlandfan554 2484 days ago

it be funny if she ripped her pants! bad at first but then she'll just start laughing at her self! your the best jenn!

AshelyLeAnn 2486 days ago

plz plz plz...wear black stockings under jeans just incase u rip ur pants! lol...i love it!

tommi2004 2492 days ago

Jennifer you rock keep up the good work I love your music it is great. Rest those vocal cords so you can rock our face off.Hope to see you in Indiana on september 19th if not I will frame my tickets so heal. I will go to one next year if not in september.

artsy_diva 2494 days ago

yeah, Jen gots it going on...she is awesome!

LoveOnTheInside 2495 days ago

Jennifer, you are just AMAZING! A great ball of energy.

redhatter101 2495 days ago

one of the many reasons we love sugarland...jennifer's energy and obvious enjoyment of what she's doing...see you in OKC

bgstsugarlndfan 2495 days ago

jenn!! i freaking love you cause you always spice up a show same to you kristian i like it when you spin around while playing the guitar i would probaly just fall over!:) and dont think im weird but last night i had a dream that we were best friends and w

LexNicole21 2496 days ago

DANG IT!!! she got the hair flyin & everything lol... WITH HEELS!!! shooot... dont mess w/ jenn... she rocks out:):):)

Terriplant 2496 days ago

Awesome Kick! Keep rocking girl! thks for pics Shani!

SugarlandFan567 2496 days ago

yea you got that kick going on :) you rock jennifer!! someday i hope i will get to meet you...

lattice_s 2496 days ago

YEAH JENN! That's really cool :)

_Jaime_Marie_ 2496 days ago

WOW i guess Yoga really does pay off im going to have to try it out lol but even still there is no way my leg will go that high lol XOXOXO Jaime

deonnaahhh 2496 days ago

Good god!!! This is amazing! Not only does she have an amazing voice, and a great sense of humor but now shes a gymnast?

Jurgensmeier 2496 days ago

the power of YOGA!!!! was Jenn ever a cheerleader cause she would kick it as one lol

bluesb4sunrise 2496 days ago

This will remind Kristian to never upset Jen on stage.

Amber_Sugarland 2496 days ago

Sugarland = Full contact sport :) Love you guys!!!

KristySteward 2496 days ago

haha - nice