[SUMMARY/ENG]  #RAIN participates 2013.01.19 in Love of Country Walkathon

Source:  The Cloud
English Translation by huhuhuhu
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Summary on the various news and fan accounts about the 19 January 2013 Walkathon Event

Source from DC, twitter etc. and various news reports. Many thanks to those who contributed.
The massive news that churned out had been pleasantly positive.  It seemed the witch hunt monger media failed to impair our prince.

The news said as DEMA announced very late (a day prior to the event) that our prince will participate in the event, citizens who missed the walkathon quota rumbled with discontent as they lined up to watch the ribbon cutting ceremony.  A man who applied early gazed around the swarm of people and told the reporter that he did not know our prince was coming. One Japanese female tourist said she was planning a tour to the nearby palace. When the guide told her it’s possible to see our prince, she quickly dashed over, her face beamed with excitement as she talked. Many fans holding boards with cheering messages also caught people’s attention.

Dozens of media agencies couldn’t relax even for one moment as they wanted to cover every single move of our prince.
The media probably expected our prince to look  haggard, drained.  Instead, he stood tall and dignified, and they were surprised.  Perhaps that’s why the adjective “bright” came up in numerous reports.


This news said our prince’s face was somewhat gaunt, but he looked bright as he smiled to reporters and citizens.  He himself was crowded by people and could hardly walk, but he was more concerned about those around him and kept cautioning them to be careful.  It was warm and touching.
We are not biased about the beauty and the dignity of our prince^^.  Here were some of the headlines:


“Bi’s sculptured beauty, even Kim Tee Hee loves”

“Bi’s killing smiles”


Bi’s Killing Smiles

Bi, “Face of the dignified Korean Army”

Kim Tae Hee’s man, Bi “So handsome”

Bi, “the beautiful face while giving way”

Bi, “impressive military salute, participating in the Love Our Country Walkathon”

Our prince has much more than just good looks. When he  saw a reporter almost falling, he intuitively offered his hand.

A fan who watched the ribbon cutting ceremony had a similar experience.  She was almost tripped by a reporter who tossed his case trying to follow our prince.  Our prince kept reminding people to be careful, cautioning them there was a pillar behind etc.  The fan said when our prince was suddenly so close to her, her mind was totally blank.  Seeing our much slimmed down prince, she called out instinctively “Obba, fighting”.  Our prince responded with a smile and said, “yes, thank you”.  The fan said she’s the one who should thank our prince.

And that’s basically what all the fans felt – they were truly grateful to our prince.  Our worries, our agony somehow got “healed” seeing his graceful composure (which some reporters described as nervousness.) He tried his best to comfort his clouds, to acknowledge them, and to show his appreciation.
Another fan wrote that whenever fans cheered our prince, he looked at them and said thank you.  She was behind our prince, but as he thanked her he even turned to shake hands with her.  She felt it was not a handshake, but a signal between our prince and his cloud. It all happened so suddenly she couldn’t remember much, except the eyes of our prince as he looked at her.  She couldn’t help thinking that our prince must be going through a hard time, (just like we did), but he did not show it at all.  He walked in big strides.  He was very warm and nice to the citizens.  Seeing these, the fan gained much strength and felt very blessed.
It was no surprise therefore when we saw our prince wearing the watch the clouds gave him as a gift when we sent him off to the army.  The signal and the communication without words.  {Picture is here of Rain wearing the watch.}

A fan was able to participate in the walkathon.  She wrote that as our prince walked up the slope and was spotted by people who were exercising there, they flocked over to see him, complimenting incessantly at the same time.  Those citizens who walked together with our prince also cheered him.   The reaction of the public somehow had this “healing” effect to her, who originally was only planning to show her support.

And perhaps the most wonderful thing and the best healing came from the account of a high school student.
News reported that our prince was the first one to reach the finishing line.  Despite the fact that the walkathon was delayed by an hour or so, our prince reached the final destination 20 minutes ahead of the estimated arrival time.  The staff confirmed that our prince was the first, and said his excellent attitude brought a successful ending to the event.
However a high school student said she was actually slightly ahead of our prince. Unfortunately when all the media flocked over she was being washed away (probably that’s why our prince took her first place^^)
But the student had much more to compensate for this first place.  She said our prince talked to her, asked her which year she’s studying, and gave her lots of encouragement.  She was very impressed with the humane nature of our prince.   It’s not just with her.  She wrote that when our prince was walking up the slope, he greeted the passersby and some lucky ones even got hugs.

And she had taken a few photos with our prince:  {Photos at The Cloud with the person's face concealed.}

At the very end of her account, this student wrote: whether he is a soldier, or a civilian, Rain is the most admirable person in our country. Thank you, Rain and I have become your fan.
I hope this summary will also have some healing effect to all of you who care to read, and hope it will ease some of your worry, anxiety over the past 2-3 weeks.

And my biggest thanks to our prince, for being who you always are!  We are proud of you!