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#union #iww #occupy #ows #p2 #tlot #tcot Workshops begin Monday 21 Alternative Communication Campus UPF Poblenou http://www.acampadadebarcelona.org/2013/01/20/dilluns-21-comencen-les-jornades-de-comunicacio-alternativa-al-campus-poblenou-upf/ TRANSLATED FROM CATALAN SPANISH BY GOOGLE CHROME TRANSLATOR The conference, organized by the Student Assembly UPF Poblenou, will take place from Monday 21 January to 14 February Poblenou Campus of the UPF with the direct participation of members, Fotomovimiento, latte , Kaos en la Red, Metromuster, Mongolia, ... Reset . Beginning tomorrow, Monday 21 to talk "investigative journalism and reporting" with Dante Albano (Journal latte ) and Jesus Rodriguez (of The Direct weekly ). Then poster, video presentation and the full program of the conference. Be four weeks to learn and discuss the trades and disciplines of communication with lectures, discussions, film forum ... This conference will be held at the Campus of the University Pompeu Fabra Poblenou ( how to ) and will be a critical journalism, advertising , audiovisual productions and other forms of communication. The conference has been organized by UPF Student Assembly Poblenou . Their meetings are every Monday at 13h30 groups in Pl. Gutenberg. You can also go to Facebook ( UPFap9 ) and Twitter ( @ upfap9 ). You have all the information on the conference blog Jornadesupfap9 . - This is the program for the first week : Cycle journalism Monday 21 January at 18pm, "investigative journalism and reporting" Albano with Dante latte and Jesus Rodriguez of the direct CLASSROOM 52,421 Wednesday 23 January at 18h Cineforum "nothing" with producer Metromuster CLASSROOM 52.S31 Enllaç a l’event a Facebook. Follow this link to find a calendar with the full program in text format. Here you have it in poster format: Want to see the video presentation of the conference? Follow this link to do so. In the video you can read the following: "As a future professional communicators we saw represented by the communications industry, employing information as a commodity. want to claim as a tool for public communication and independent financial and political powers. " Tota one STATEMENT.