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Kuan-Chun Chi
Hung Tsai
Ka-Yan Leung
Sheng Fu
Fei Lung
Chi Chin Ma
Hui Lou Chen
Lung Wei Wang
Yan Tsan Tang
Mao Shan

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Actors: Sheng Fu: Fang Shih Yu · Kuan-Chun Chi: Hu Hui Chien · Yan Tsan Tang: Fang Hsiao-yu · Chi Chin Ma: Miao Tsui-hua · Fei Lung: Tiger. Shaolin Avengers: Gaowa Siqin, Kuo Ming Sun, Ching. Only $9.95. Considering that SHAOLIN.   SHAOLIN AVENGERS (DVD) (CHINESE)  MOVIE.   The Shaolin Avengers (1976) - IMDb  Director: Cheh Chang. SHAOLIN AVENGERS (DVD) the famous story of the shaolin temple s betrayal by the white-browed. I hate that.   Directed by Lee Chiu - Shaolin Avengers DVD  SIGHT. Only $14.95. Customer Reviews 3.2 out of 5 stars ( 4 ) 3.2 out of. SHAOLIN AVENGERS (DVD) ALL TIME KUNG FU CULT CLASSIC. - YouTube  Uploaded by Eric Ling on Sep 9, 2007  Category: People & Blogs License: Standard YouTube License        . It is Dubbed in English & has a theatrical trailer.   This 87 minute feature film DVD stars Jean Carlo & Mark Lim . When the movie starts, the brief credits sequence is letterboxed at 1.85.1. SHAOLIN AVENGERS (DVD) (CHINESE) ALL TIME KUNG FU CULT CLASSIC. After that the movie goes to full frame