Congratulations to Oversoul's Contest Winners: 1st Place @Shaister and 2nd Place: @Vergil_AQW. In the middle are the original artworks and on the side are my remake of them. Yes some parts may not be so accurate as I felt the need to change certain parts, or their preview images are a bit too small. Here are the original links for the suggestions: @Shaister: @Vergil_AQW: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who did'nt manage to get in: Please do not stop creating Designs and stories. Practice! Practice! and Practice! With hard effort will come great rewards! BELIEVE IT! I was once a player too and I used to give heaps of suggestion, and most of the time, it wouldnt go in...However I didnt take this as a failure... but a path to success. So please, once again, please do not give up! Keep Calm and Battle On! - If you have any fanfiction, original stories or anything related please tweet me and I'll read it! I love reading stories ^.^ -If you have designs or artworks to show, please do tweet me that too, I'm quite busy sometimes, so please do not get offended if i don't reply or don't give any advice. #Oversoul #OversoulContest @Nulgath