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Friday 18, Space Coordination Assemblies 15M Districts Barcelona



Space Coordination is the meeting point, and as you said the name of coordination of the various Assemblies 15M in different neighborhoods of Barcelona.

The meeting tomorrow will be Friday 18 at 19pm on National Youth Council of Catalonia (CNJC). Place Cardona, 1-2. | Directions

The event is open and invites everyone to participate. was in a work meeting, the participation of any person not affiliated Assembly will in turn open.

Then I invite you to read the agenda.


Periodically Assembless 15M Barcelona meet for better coordination in terms of objectives and actions to plan, initiate ...


Failing to shut up, this is the agenda :

0. Presentations 
Sharing and approval of the minutes of the past space coordination 
1. Joint campaigns of the neighborhood assemblies 
1.1. Group Health 
1.2. Action campaign against banks 
1.3. Technical Group of the EC

2. Proposed areas of collaboration and requests neighborhood 
2.1 Participation Barcelona 23-F "United tides"

3. Torn open 
3.1. Stop the War Platform: 10 years of the invasion of Iraq 
3.2. The Pacto de los Citizens: We want you to debate on sea Europe 
3.3 The World Social Forum and the Global initiative Square. 
3.4 Demonstration of PAH around the state on February 16 
3.5. PACD: 22 + Open Assembly of the EU spring summit in March 15-16-17

The revitalization of this meeting will be the Assembly Sarria-Sant Gervasi. 
Assembly Sarria - St.Gervasi http://assembleasarriasantgervasi.wordpress.com/


For more information on Space Coordination invite you to visit your blog and profiles on Facebook ( Area Coordinator ) and Twitter ( @ ECoordinacio ).

Follow this link to find the various forms of contact information and links to all the Assemblies 15M neighborhoods of Barcelona.