as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

female DB by her self

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1284 days ago

female DB by her self


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LilishTheCat 1276 days ago

make this expensive please (AC :P)

Rsrdaman 1278 days ago

Please shut up you WoW faggot. This is based off the Greek Mythological Satyr.

Bloodsiphon 1281 days ago

And in honesty i usually hear this kind of garbage from ignorant nulgath retard lovers or from jealous idiots so please cut this pathetic crap out

Bloodsiphon 1281 days ago

Any one else wanna ad another pathetic excuse that rips on dages art because it would be meaningless

Bloodsiphon 1281 days ago

Dreanai from world of warcraft hahaha what kind of sick pathetic excuse is that friedryce......

AssasainationAE 1282 days ago

She's missing a belly button

FriedRyce 1283 days ago

So you're ripping off Draeneis, what next.

HyorranSiqueira 1283 days ago

Bom oi dage eu tenho alguns desenhos aqui nao sao muito bons mais se voce quiser velos http://twitpic.com/photos/HyorranSiqueira

HyorranSiqueira 1283 days ago

Adorei 100% bom se vim como armor pego na hora finalmente os draeneis chegarao a lore

HyorranSiqueira 1283 days ago

Loved 100% armor come as good if caught in time has finally come to the draenei lore

AssasainationAE 1283 days ago

Would this be an armor aswell? DD:

VerkSarvom_LOE 1283 days ago

LionFang Rep + DarkBlood = New Class :::- )

Bloodsiphon 1283 days ago

Well females always have smaller horns then males and no not that

Bloodsiphon 1283 days ago

Dark blood female looks hot its just the noes that bugs me

Veneeria_AQW 1283 days ago

really love these, but specially.. love your shading.

kens_malice 1284 days ago

im loving the new race idea, still see no benefits to wear stuff in aqw so in that matter i just dont play much anymore

Teh_Mr_E 1284 days ago

Her horns look really odd.

CaptainCio 1284 days ago

And suddenly I'm jelly of a NPC lol. She's awesome ! *claps*