#animalrights SHAME on #Denmark - 25 dog breeds are now banned. 
Over 400,000 dogs are in eminent danger of being euthanized

January 2013 - Denmark has one of the most strict dog breed bans in the world. 12 breeds were already banned and 13 more are lined up, making a total of 25 breeds to be banned in the near future.

The discussion in Denmark went totally out of hand. While reports surfaced that despite the current ban, the number of dog bites have increased and the ban is therefore not working, politicians and media ignored the facts and called for more breeds to be banned. When vets are reluctant to euthanize healthy animals just because they are part of breed, politicians called upon people to practice "do-it-yourself" euthanasia. This message was corrected, yet it shows the sentiment that is present in the country and the horror dogs and dog owners in Denmark are living in.

Shakespeare onces wrote "something is rotten in the state of Denmark". Some hundreds of years later he is proven right. A lot of Danes are against the law and cry out in protest of this outrage. Help the Danes to stop this madness in their country, and let them return to the civilized world once more, states the following petition.


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