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From the chilling Nazi espionage spy tales of the past to the far-fetched digital thrill-rides of.   Espionage Films | Spy Films List | Spy Movies | About Espionage Movies  A list of all Spy movies ever made.   The list author says: "Identity combined the genre's realism and fantasy, redefining the espionage film.  Best Spy/Espionage Movies: A Listmania! list by Brian Markowski (Cedar Rapids, IA)  Spy Movies  Rent, buy or download Spy movies online at Blockbuster is your source for Wartime Espionage movies.  Best Spy Movies - Online Shopping for Electronics.   Spy film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The spy film genre, which is mainly the subgenre of thriller and action, deals with the subject of fictional espionage, either in a realistic way (such as the.   Inspired by the film Traitor, we look at 10 of the Best Spy Movies. 1980-Present.   Wartime Espionage Movies  Rent, buy or download Wartime Espionage movies online at  Best Spy Movies | CraveOnline - Videos, Movie News & Trailers.  If there are any movies that you think should be on this list,.   Thriller and Suspense Films  Espionage/Spy Film Thrillers: Introduction.   Spy Movies at the Box Office - Box Office Mojo  Spy. Total Grosses; Opening Weekends; Rows: #1-100, #101-107. Blockbuster is your source for Spy movies. Rank: Title (click to view). Best Spy/Espionage Movies  Here are my favorite spy flicks.. . A sub-genre of the thriller/suspense film is the espionage/spy film which can be in the form of a drama, melodrama