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The new Government of Catalonia's own take Government to court over the privatization of water Ter-Llobregat



Via the Platform Water is Life comes a statement about this interesting news related to the privatization of water Ter-Llobregat.

Contractual Resources administrative body of Catalonia (OARCC) suspended the award for actions on  November 30 . This Thursday January 3, Francesc Homs, Press conference, disavowed the resolution OARCC and announced that the Government will appeal the decision in court.

We also invite you to sign the proposed European Citizens Initiative for the European Parliament let the water out of the market laws. It is a right and should not be good.


This is the link to the news .

 The  Platform Water is Life  and entities that comprise continue their work toward a public water management, transparent and participatory and the good ecological status of water bodies of Catalonia.

As they say, nor Ter Llobregat waters of shares or Agbar Water Ter Llobregat PUBLIC!


Take this opportunity to invite you to sign the European Citizen Initiative (a Legislative Initiative - ILP) for the European Parliament let the water out of the market laws.

You can do this by following this link .


We reproduce below a statement posted on the blog of the Platform Water is life :


The new Government of Catalonia to bring to justice the Generalitat

The latest developments on Water Ter Llobregat which has given us the government we get from the Government speechless. We have passed that we described at the time of Banana Autonomy  in the last term of government to a kind of tambourine that is able to carry himself through the Ministry of the Presidency, the Government in the courts, in an unusual maneuver and disturbing, very disturbing.

During Autonomy in disbelief as we saw Banana autoanomena't "Government" best dance to markets and multinationals, so if last   October 17  had to award the tender Water Ter Llobregat ( ATLL) in a hurry, the  October 26  presidential revealing the Ministry of Planning and Sustainability and delayed the process alleging that required a complete analysis of the two bids submitted by ACCIONA AGBAR and, finally, the  sixth November , ACCIONA awarded the grant; ridiculous.

Nor should we forget that the Administrative Resources Contractual Authority of Catalonia (OARCC) already suspended the award for actions on  November 30 , but still within a few hours the suspension lifted. It was clear then that either markets or are the interests of the multinationals that govern the water, but not sure who did it is the government of Catalonia.

Change of Director of Planning and Sustainability expected, as it was the submission of the Government of Catalonia to private interests. What is not expected is that the situation could deteriorate further, today  January 4,  we know that the Government will take the Government to court, proving that not only we sell the structures of state as it was ATLL now to get in between that State itself. Honestly ... how sovereign right to decide and tell us? If we continue like this then no claim or state to govern.

Given these facts we see with concern the role of the majority of political forces that shape the Parliament of Catalonia. We met the first opposition party is silent and awards. And now a socialist party that talks about the defense of public services but the Barcelona metropolitan area have agreed to  the privatization of water and sanitation  following a further unfair and opaque privatization of ATLL for true also supported by PP and ERC. Let us not get dizzy with puns, ambiguities or toast to the sun, because they have really are the facts and consistency: no excuse, not just those who are responsible but also those who are able to avoid it, leave do.

Facing a Government that improvises, acts of negligence and avoids his duties as protecting the pubic water services, the guarantee of fundamental rights of citizens ask the Parliament of Catalonia to stop this sad spectacle and recover sanity:

to keep permanently Water Ter - Llobregat public company since water is essential to life and that there is no technical reason or for any economic, social or environmental far to pursue its privatization;
do not let a good essential as water becomes a tax tax collection that serves to pay interest on bank and dry waste of public administration, and
that, ultimately, the Government abandons its submission to markets and private interests for the good of the people have chosen.
Otherwise Catalan society who will have to restore the functions to be delegated to some politicians who shun. Will the people who need to manage water services in a direct, transparent and participatory, to ensure that the general interest of the public.

The  Platform Water is Life  and entities that comprise continue our work towards a public water management, transparent and participatory and the good ecological status of water bodies of Catalonia. Our business aims to be proactive and dialogue. Provide all that we know about water. However, we will use all legal and administrative remedies available to us when we see objectively that violate the principles of environmental justice and / or social and work on building a social movement with solid arguments get back peacefully by law and common sense we should.


Water Ter Llobregat neither shares nor of Agbar Water Ter Llobregat PUBLIC!



The new Government of Catalonia courts to bring you the very first of them Generalitat

Los Aguas Ter Llobregat Últimos acontecimientos about them that we are flattered with the Government of the Generalitat of estupefacción sacan not us. Hemos pasado ya what calificamos on your day of  Banana Autonomy  in the legislature have passed a kind of tambourine Government of capaz to remove it, thanks to own Department of the Presidency, the Government ante los court, in an unusual maneuver and preocupante, Very preocupante.

During the Autonomy Banana veíamos with incredulidad autonominado as the "Government of the best" bailaba them to sleep las markets and multinationals. Well if pasado  October 17  had to be awarded tenders Aguas Ter Llobregat (ATLL) and deprisa corriendo on  October 26  dejaba presidency in evidence to the Department of Territory and Sustainability and the retrasaba alegando Process Toward that lack a full analysis Two of the deals presentadas by ACCIONA and AGBAR Finalmente for the  November 6 , concessions awarded to ACCIONA, ridiculous.

Neither olvidamos the Administrative Organ Resources contractual Cataluña (OARCC) ya suspendió the bid actions PAST  30 November , but the Cabo Even so affords hours of levantaba interim suspension. Ya Evidente then it was that these markets are well or sleep well or the multinational them intereses those who gobiernan the water, but certainly not quien it is towards the Government of Catalonia.

Change of Minister of Territory and Sustainability was expected, as it was also the submissions to the Government of Catalonia intereses them private. What was not expected was that the situation pudiera more degradarse it already, today  4th January  sabemos that the Government take him to court to them Generalitat, demostrando that not only SELL ya las structures of State ATLL was like, but now that we place between I say to own State. Sinceramente ... what good sovereignty and our right to decide hablan?. If seguimos well not be claimed or Gobern State for Cap.

See you Ante fait with these concerns the vast majority of the Role of Political Forces conforman that the Parliament of Catalonia. We find ourselves with a game of oppositions first calla and awards. And a Socialist Party that now we speak of defending them but públicos services in the Barcelona metropolitan area has Accepted the  Privatization of water and the SANEAMIENTO  Siguiendo a proceso it already improcedente more opaque and the Privatization of ATLL, also Endorsed by cierto by the PP and ERC. That we are not games of Words with Mareen, ambiguity or toast to the sun, puesto than equipped for truth and coherence fait them are: not valid excuses, not just those who are responsible but also those who hacen panels with poisonous, let you make.

Ante an improvised Government of the Generalitat, acting with negligence and rehuye of its functions as eg by veiling the services púbicos fear of water as the guarantee of human Fundamentals of Citizenship, the Parliament of Catalonia pedimos this sad spectacle and Dad to regain the sanity:

mantenga it permanently as a public company Aguas Ter Llobregat Dado that water is essential for life and Cap Because there's no reason or technical or economic, social or environmental or much less to continue with its Privatization;
PERMITTED not essential as well that the water becoming a Tax recaudatorio grateful if you pay for them and pay intereses bancarios derroche Public Administration, and that
In short, the Government abandon its submissions to all markets by the private intereses them ya well that it has escogido of town.
If not well sociedad Catalan Who will you will need to recover las functions are delegated to rehuyen about Political Representatives. Who will be the own village you will need to manage the services of water directly, transparent and participatory quien veiling by the general interest of the Watch.

The  Shelf Life Water is  y las entidades continuaremos that form part of our workplaces run by a public water, transparent and participatory and the fear of the Masses ecológico buen estado de agua de Cataluña. Our activity and dialogante ye be proactive. Informaremos of all that conozcamos on the water. Still, every emplearemos administrativos and legal resources at our fingertips extends long as veamos objectively that violate these Principles of environmental justice and / or social and seguiremos trabajando in the construction of a spacious social movements with which Solids argumentos edi recover peacefully Sense ley and fear that we corresponde policy.

Aguas Ter Llobregat or ACCIONA or AGBAR Aguas Ter Llobregat PUBLIC!