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http://dagethe3vil.deviantart.com/#/d5rleo5  1st look at the new race concept.

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1351 days ago

http://dagethe3vil.deviantart.com/#/d5rleo5 1st look at the new race concept.


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Rsrdaman 1343 days ago

Milton didn't invent horns you moron.

But it's about time a demon race was added.

Zinrio666 1350 days ago

IF this is going to be in AQWorlds...

Zinrio666 1350 days ago

Now i can really have my demon form >:)

Zinrio666 1350 days ago

Finally a demon race!!!

xKrisSamaCx 1350 days ago

Hmmm Nice !!!!
My Suggestion for charcreation there should be races and this DARKBLOOD included!!!

Ghost9900_AE 1351 days ago

If you haven't played the lion fang tomb release, he talks about a race called the darkbloods..

Bloodsiphon 1351 days ago

Will the rave be a new enemy or a new obtainable race for a player to be?

Dage_Fan 1351 days ago

This looks freaking awesome. Is this race going to be added into AQW?

Dage_The_Great 1351 days ago

reminds of helms you releleased in the dage vs nulgath war

LunettaRodrigo 1351 days ago

looks like a fiend or a void breed

aqw_eeedy 1351 days ago

Well... It's clearly a fucking awesome concept.

666zera666 1351 days ago

dage u pass my carton a flash? srry im bad a paint T_T

Quintenii_AE 1351 days ago

You're gonna make new races too?! EPIC! Really looking forward to seeing some of these, this already looks really nice. Also, the detail on the face is really nice!