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revamps with new swords

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1426 days ago

revamps with new swords


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Pyroskope 1405 days ago

Why you put stupid cannon on Starlord's Shoulder? So much cooler w/o it.

TaranusAE 1423 days ago

Heh, you and me both hope that reo..

Reo_HS 1424 days ago

Hopefully star captain sword gets starsword animation? :)

CivilPhoenix 1424 days ago

Dragon lords loss is my favorite sword in the game, this one is like, cooel iguess.

LVXYZx 1424 days ago

The Guardian Blade could use a bit more intricacy! It's still cool though!

HeyYo43487432 1425 days ago


ZeldaHoly 1425 days ago

Guardian still looks ugly but the sword is great

Zinrio666 1425 days ago

The dragonlord's sword looks totally epic.

AvengerAQW 1425 days ago

hope starlord swords animated :P

AssasainationAE 1425 days ago

will the swords be held down like that? cause das awesome!

LunettaRodrigo 1426 days ago

i loved the DL and Starcaptian swords the Guardian one could be better

LunettaRodrigo 1426 days ago

Hyoran para de uzar google tradutor que isso num tem futuro o que vc disse fez sentido so em Portugues em ingles ficou sem noção

HyorranSiqueira 1426 days ago

thankfully it came as armor because if I had changed my class I'd seen the beast

HyorranSiqueira 1426 days ago

ainda bem que isso veio como armor por que se tivece mudado minha class eu ia vira o bicho

Dage_The_Great 1426 days ago

hmm i see starlor/dragonlord blades look dif but gardian looks same

AlchemistGira 1426 days ago

:O my god that StarLord sword :o
can we have a monday update to release these :)

FourBeardStrong 1426 days ago

Another AMAZING job, dude!
So stoked to get my hands on them. >:]

humzaawan123 1426 days ago

the swords are epic it would have been so cool if there was some sort of glow on the d-lord one just to add some colour to it

Teh_Mr_E 1426 days ago

Still not feeling the DragonLord's sword for some reason. Maybe my mind will change once I see it in-game. Glad to see the Guardian's weapon look like the Guardian Blade.

luis_xx8921 1426 days ago

Nice dage