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#Homeland #union #iww #ows #occupy #p2 #tlot #tcot Control and governance of the ordinary http://madrid.tomalaplaza.net/2013/01/13/control-y-gestion-publica-de-lo-comun/ TRANSLATED FROM CATALAN SPANISH BY GOOGLE CHROME TRANSLATOR From the first day of the camp has been in numerous meetings the need to establish a methodology of management control that has been done on what we consider common, avoid the looting that is subject to the current order. Logically, this concern has been accompanied by a consequent reflection on if not more logical, following the same goals of functionality and effectiveness of the services that we consider common or public directly manage and cut out the middleman. As a result of these reflections has already developed a working section (1), we want to share even more. The aim is to establish among all generic parameters under which the people in the management of the ordinary, that can serve as the basis of their specific application in each subject area (health, education, justice, economy ...) We believe that the specificities of each of these areas would result in control or management groups very different, but they all should freely share common guidelines, to ensure as far as possible to carry out their services to the community to the extent that people expect that conduct. This function set these common parameters that are subsequently applied in each specific area, feeding in both directions, we are trying to do it from the working group Short Term Policy (2), paying particular attention to what is emerging in South America (3), but obviously we need the cooperation of all the comrades to do. We invite all groups, assemblies and interested persons to cross the next meeting this objective, which will take place on Thursday, January 17th at 19:00 in the Multipurpose Room of the Patio Maravillas. (1) http://actasmadrid.tomalaplaza.net/?p=4635 http://actasmadrid.tomalaplaza.net/?p=4813 http://actasmadrid.tomalaplaza.net/?p=4786 http://actasmadrid.tomalaplaza.net/?p=4850 (2) http://wiki.tomalaplaza.net/wiki/index.php?title=Control_y_gesti%C3%B3n_p%C3%BAblica_de_lo_com%C3%BAn (3) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7uIHUuR5imuVC1mbE9YYkFaQW8/edit?pli=1